Basic Account
General features:
Auto OCR for easy search
200M cloud space
Sync docs across smartphones, tablets and computers
Customize watermarks on docs
upload all your docs to Evernote, GoogleDrive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive
Premium Account
4.99 USD/Month
49.99 USD/Year save 17%
Premium added features:
High-quality scan
Edit OCR results and Export as .txt files
Take a photo of a paper form and convert the photo to Excel version.
Create Doc Collage for multiple pages
Book Scan(Android only)
+10GB cloud space
Set PDF password for confidential files
Share a document through a password-protected link, with an expiration date.
Auto upload docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, OneNote
Edit each page of imported PDFs and make annotations.
OCR translation into 60+ languages. 1000 free credits each month.
More precise Cloud OCR. 1000 free credits each month.
Export multiple JPG/PDF files from the website with one click
Data in Recycle Bin will be kept for 30 days
Local Only Folder: Keep your sensitive files completely offline and separate from other files.
App Lock(iPhone only)
Business Version
6.99 USD

9.99 USD

/Month/User, starting at 3 users
69.99 USD/Year save 17%
Business added features:
Premium Account features
All group members share one or multiple Group Folders
Group members can upload documents to Group Folders
Group Administrator can view / examine / download / manage all documents in Group Folders
Group Administrator can set the access for group member to view documents scanned by the others
Each group member's cloud storage increases from 200M to 10G
Member management (e.g. Notes、Grouping)
Remote access and control over contents in members' Group Folders
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